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My name is Glenn Millar.  The Millar’s Tale was something that began 30 years ago when I was assigned to write a weekly humor column for the Palo Verde High School newspaper in Tucson, AZ.  Jan Watson, one of the finest teachers I ever had, (I hope Jan sees this at some point,) told me she had the perfect name and had me read The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer.  It’s the second of the Canterbury TalesIt starts with wit and ends with one of the characters getting a red hot poker shoved up their . . . um . . . backside.  You have to read it to appreciate it.  Geoffrey was brilliant.  Though perhaps Ms. Watson was trying to tell me something.  Enjoy.

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I added you to my blogroll. Also~your pic doesn’t link to your site…(dashboard is very helpful-but can be confusing). Good Luck!

    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Moving right along over here. 🙂
    Ok~New one for you-I assume…

    You’ve been meme tagged – New Year’s style. Go read my blog (Post: My New Year’s Not Resolutions) to see the rules.

    Let me know if you need help.

  3. deb


    I’m a copy editor. I was just now verifying that insipid quote from Love Story (you know the one) and happened upon your blog in the process. You are hilarious. I love your commentary on the necessity for husbands to apologize. If I weren’t so mad at mine right now, for his most recent refusal to apologize, I’d direct him to your blog for a good

    . . . maybe when I cool off.

    Thanks for this break from the mundane.

  4. I am the founder of singleedition.com and love your writings and musings. We featured this blog recently and plan to do so again soon.

    Thanks for the smiles!


  5. Felicia

    LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your writing. Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. Chanda Walker

    Just stumbled upon you at LinkedIn and found your blog. I knew you oh over a decade ago in Tucson maybe you remember me?

    I’m sure this is going to be hoot to read. Hope all is well.

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