The Truth About Men and Women

Sometimes falling in love is kind of like clothing in the 70’s. It seems like a good idea at the time and then you find yourself ten years later shuffling down the street thinking, “Bell-bottoms and platform shoes? What the hell was I thinking?”

They say love is blind. It’s also deaf, dumb and scored less than 300 on the SAT’s.

Having been single for the vast majority of my adult life, (intertwined by occasional fantastic relationships which typically appear just before I have signed the papers for becoming a Priest,) I have discovered certain unalienable truths:

Truth #1 – Men don’t understand Women

Lord knows we try. But it is seemingly to no avail. I do believe that at some point in every man’s life he suddenly has an epiphany, where women’s behavior becomes crystal clear and he grasps every nuance of women’s inner souls.

Then 3 seconds later, he dies.

Hell is filled with millions of men who now know exactly what they did wrong in their relationships, but will spend eternity realizing they can’t do anything about it.

Truth #2 – Women don’t understand Men

For years, Man, the most complex living organism on the planet, studied the Amoeba, the simplest organism on the planet. Despite the Amoeba’s simplicity, scientists studied it, believing there was more to the Amoeba than meets the eye. The fact is, they pretty much had it on the first day. This, I believe, is the perfect analogy to Women trying to understand Men.

Truth #3 – People fall in love

Despite a myriad of potential obstacles, somehow millions of people fall in love. They meet and they date. They realize they have found their soulmates and they marry. They make falling in love the easiest and most natural thing on earth. This, however, is not truth #3. Truth #3 is that there is clearly something wrong with these people. These people are abnormal.

From 1995 until 2006, I was very single. During this time I managed to make hundreds of observations, a few of which actually made sense. Under the category The Single Guy, I’ll be posting many of these observations. Enjoy!

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Copyright 2004 – 2008, Glenn G. Millar


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2 responses to “The Truth About Men and Women

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  2. Would you like to know the secret? The elusive Truth that will make everything crystal clear?

    Women don’t want guys. They want men.

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